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Donkey Test

Hatte endlich Zeit ihn mal zu machen … 52 Fragen bestimmen deinen Poker IQ.


I scored a weak 117. *shame*

IQ Score Skill Level
60 – 74 Donkey (Expected to lose quickly in all games)
75 – 89 Donator (Expected to lose in all games)
90 – 109 Average Player
(Expected to lose slowly in raked games, break even in homegames)
110 – 119 Low Stakes Winner (Wins at 100 NL and lower)
120 – 129 Medium Stakes Cash Pro / Tournament Pro
(Wins at 200-600 NL and tournament poker)
130 – 144 High Stakes Pro (Wins at 1K NL+)
145 – 159 Poker Genius

Ich gewinn wohl nie auf NL200 … oh too late ^^

Und was scorest du ?

So Long,

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